Friday, 2 December 2011

Maya Wilson Souce

I met the lovely Maya at the Handmade in Britain Show earlier this year. I was lucky enough to be on the stand next to her which meant for 3 days I could ogle all the lovely hand printed fabrics that Maya designs and prints herself and all the lovely home accessories she makes them into.

Maya uses high quality linens for her home wares, this combined with her flair for graphic design  creates sophisticated pieces that add personality to your home. I love the colour palette in her collection, striking yet elegant. I'm a huge fan of her cushions, especially the 'Love Cats' cushion. Isn't it fab!

Whilst at the show I bought two of Maya's lavender cats, they are adorable and smell divine. They'd make fantastic gifts for Christmas....

Now you cant tell me that you're not tempted to go over there now and have a look!! So if I told you that Maya even has a sample sale where you can pick up a bargain too you wouldn't be rushing there now? Would you?

 If you are a twitter fan you can follow Maya using @MayaSource follow and say Hello.

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