Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Custom Christmas Gift

Another Christmas order, this time for a monogram felt cushion with the initial 'J'. I know I say this all the time about everything that I make but I really do love making these. The best part of Christmas orders is the diversity, I've pretty much made everything from my range. I've even been working on some new items which I've made for gifts but obviously I cant show those just yet. That would spoil surprises :)

I've managed to catch up on my Christmas prep, gift shopping is finished, I have one more item to make, food shopping is done.....just need to wrap gifts and RELAX!! And since today was the last day at the day job until 3rd of January, its all about getting 'me' getting back on track, organising next years tasks and goals, catching up on sleep and spending some time with C without having to lock myself away in the studio. It is my favourite place to be though :D

I fully intend on catching up on some very missed blog reading with my feet up in front of the twinkly lights on the Christmas tree.....cant wait, see you there :)

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