Saturday, 17 December 2011

A scientific Kindle cover

Here's another custom Kindle cover that I've made recently. The brief....conical flasks....interesting.

This one was for a school friend of mine, also called Emma (ickle Em's) *waves* and I love the colours.

I am sad that almost every scrap of my lovely leathers has now been used. I am still on the never ending search to get some more. So if anyone out there knows where there are some sample books going I'd really appreciate the heads up.

I am definitely no longer scared of sewing with leather :D Cant wait to get my hands on some more to make a few more covers.

Are you all ready for Christmas??? Nope me neither, still sewing gifts, still needing to go shopping, still got presents to wrap, still dithering about it all.....need to get oneself into gear and get it all sorted!!!

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  1. Hello darling, just dropped by to say have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx


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