Wednesday, 8 February 2017

And "sew" it begins

Hello you lovely lot, still feeling very much under the weather so bear with me on this post. Being poorly has forced me to slow down, well almost stop really and in that time I've been able to think a lot more clearer about myself and where I'm going creatively.

I wrote a post a little while back about drawing a line under bag making for the foreseeable future. Its definitely a decision I'm happy with, it was no longer making me happy as I was so busy with family life that meeting deadlines was becoming stressful, but at the same time has left me in a land of sewing limbo.  

I've flitted in between so many ideas and scenarios over the last year but nothing seemed to motivate me enough to really move forward with anything. If you read my post on MimiG or follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I have discovered quite a few sewing channels over on youtube whilst I've been convalescing in bed/on the sofa. As I'd previously said I used to make garments a long time ago, which is how I got into the bag making scene but its been years since I last did. 

If you want to read a little bit of new blurb about me, go and check out my About me page (click this link or the tab at the top).

So, the verdict is....I'm going on a journey of sewing discovery for myself. There will be no making to sell, no deadlines and no stress. I will be moving forward on a dressmaking journey which I feel started so long ago but then I got distracted and travelled down a different path, so really I'm picking up where I left off. I made a promise to myself at the end of last year that this year would be about me (gosh that sounds really selfish doesn't it?) but its never been about me and you know sometimes you just need to put yourself first for a change.

I'm really excited about the prospect of making my own clothes. So much so I've already bought a selection of patterns that I hope to tackle and some of the tools I will need.

Hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities for me to show you my progress along the way, even when things go wrong, as I'm sure they will from time to time, thats part of the learning process, right?

So I hope you will stick with me along the way, this may finally be the time to get my mojo back :D

thanks for reading xx

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