Friday, 24 February 2017

Creative space

Since we moved here to our 'new' home (been here 4 year this Oct) I don't think I've actually shown you my sewing room properly have I?

Its in the eves of our house, right at the top, we have a 3 story house - no attic/loft but a bedroom (which is actually my sewing room) a bathroom and a walk in closet (which is actually the sh*t room where we store all the things you would normally put in your attic/loft). This is where I disappear into a world of my own. When we first viewed this house Mr.B and I looked at each other and both said "Sewing room?" So that was it.....sewing room it became.

So this is/was it.....I say was because we have finally decided to decorate it. It was wayyyyyy down on the list of "To decorate" but Mr.B said with my new sewing adventure starting it would be nice to get it all finished so I can get cracking!!! 

The desk, drawers, shelving unit and bookcase (which you cant see as its in the corner that I took the photo from) are all from Ikea. Both of my chairs are from Homesense and the plastic storage drawers you can see at the back are from Homebase I do believe. 

This is how it looks now......
If you look closely you can see that the skirting is pine (stained to look like oak). 

This is a better shot of it, its a make shift skirting board, long story short, the people who built our house have no idea what skirting should look like in a house like this so we improvised and made it look like it should.

Last weekend I spent my time undercoating them.....look how light and bright it looks now its white!!! I didn't take a photo of the door way but the frame was also wood. As we have beautiful oak doors the stained pine just looked awful :( now though the white really makes the doors pop!!!!

Wednesday evening I started the first coat of gloss and this afternoon I applied the second. It looks amazing so far, I'm really pleased. I will show you some more photos once I have removed the masking tape. Still need to decided which wall the pop of colour is going on but hopefully by next weekend it will be ready for the furniture to go back and I can get sewing again!!!!! :)

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