Friday, 3 February 2017

"New" Coat

Right before I got sick I planned to write this post and I've only just realised that I had uploaded the photos but not finished the post.....pppffffff!!! 

OK before I even start let me say please excuse the cat hair on my coat in the photos. This is a daily battle for me and if you rummaged in my handbag you would find a lint roller, I actually carry one around with me!!! Yes its true!! We have 3 cats and they all moult like crazy, thats a lot of cat hair!! I'm not even going to mention how many times a week I vacuum, lol.

Any way, so I bought this coat a little time before Christmas from Matalan (its actually on sale here). I loved the style of the coat, its very flattering and for the price its very well made. Only thing was, I wasn't keen on the buttons and with it being a millitary pea coat I wanted to replace them with some regimental buttons.

After a little scouting around on ebay (my second favouritest place on the web) I found these beauties. The plain ones on the left were the ones that came with the coat. 

Crikes look at all that cat hair!!!! :O

They were easy to cut off and I did them one by one to ensure I placed the new ones in the correct place. They are a lot heavier than the original ones but I think that adds to the style of the coat making it feel more expensive than it actually was.

And tah dah!!! This was the end result, I'm really pleased with how it looks and to be honest I've barely had it off. 

And the daily battle to keep the cat hair off it continues!!!! :D

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