Thursday, 16 February 2017

Make 9...

I have actually set my first task on my new sewing journey and boy is it a task, well you know me its either all or nothing lol. 

A few of the sewing blogs/vlogs I follow have taken on the challenge of "Make 9" for 2017, now I'm not going to pretend for one minute that I have 'joined up to' or even 'committed' to this challenge to anyone, no pressure remember, I just decided that it was a really good way to start the ball rolling and give me a little direction and allow me to set some goals....I like that sort of thing, always good to have something to aim for. 

So if you have no idea wtf I'm talking about here's a very quick outline. Basically you have to pick 9 different garments/items to make throughout the year, hopefully ending the year being able to make 9 types of clothing you couldn't before. Thats it basically, well I did say it was a very quick outline :)

Wanna see my list? OK now its in no particular order and I'm most likely going to chose the easiest one first to ease me in nicely. Obviously most people have started this in January therefore have had almost a two month head start but I'm sure I can crack this in 10 months.....easy!!! *gulp* insert nervous laugh here!!!

Oh right yeah the on a tangent again

My Make 9 List:

Ultimate Shift dress - Sew Over It pattern

Silk Cami - Sew Over It pattern

Heather dress - Sew Over It pattern

Tunic / Shirt - Simplicity pattern

Jacket - Mimi G / Simplicity

Jumpsuit - Simplicity

Skirt - Simplicity

PJ Bottoms - The Make It Room

Formal Dress - Simplicity

There you go thats my 9! Can you tell I like Simplicity patterns???? Not much hey? 

I'm currently taking up some dresses that I bought before Christmas so I will be finishing those first then I think I might start with the PJ Bottoms.....or maybe the Silk Cami? Cant wait to get buying fabric again, its been quite sometime since my last purchase. There may also be a very exciting purchase coming soon too, I think I might actually bust when it finally arrives. Will reveal all soon I promise.

Till next time xx

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  1. That's a great list. I'd love to be able to make my own clothes - although I did once make some pj bottoms for the boys! Pretty easy actually so a good one to start with :-) xxx


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