Friday, 31 March 2017

Rolled hems - lets do this

Here we are my lovelies, its Friday again. Today I have locked myself away in my sewing room to try and get my head space in order! So there's been lots of coffee and some biscuits of the chocolate variety (I'm treating myself today as I think its more than needed. I still cant get my head round how fast the weeks are going by and I know I keep saying it but I cant work it out. Maybe I should stop trying to. 

Anyway still playing catch up with blog posts, now if you do follow over on Instagram you will have seen some of these photos quite a while ago. I bought a scarf for a friend from a lovely lady on Etsy, I have to put it out there first that I have bought many scarves and they are beautiful, the prints are gorgeous, they are well made, the packaging is so lovely and her customer service is second to non. 

So I made the purchase, it arrived in the post, I opened it to have a good look at the beautiful print and to my horror there was a hole about the size of an egg cup and some smaller ones......crikes!! It was for a birthday present and I didn't have time to re-order :( After a very lovely and apologetic email from the lady, we decided that I would have a think about it over night and I'd be in touch with my decision (refund, replacement etc).

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!! 

So after thinking about it for a couple of hours, I thought I'm being really silly here, I can sew, I have a machine, it has a rolled hem foot, I've sewed a rolled hem before (given it was about 15 years ago lol)....maybe I could fix this??????

No, I couldn't possibly try?? Could I? Cut off the damaged piece and re-hem it.....are you CRAZY woman!!!

Well I bloody well had a go and this is how it turned out!!!!!!! I know I couldn't believe it either :D 
Now I'm not gonna lie to you, I was absolutely errrrmmmmm, well lets just say I held my breath for most of the time I was sewing it!!!!! 

How pleased was I with myself? Well I might have been a little bit smug about my efforts but when I emailed the lady I bought it from I was very modest about it all. She was so impressed and we came to an agreement about some discount and free postage on my next order....because there will be a next time, Oh yes! Don't you know I'm addicted to scarves?  They are my adults version of a comfort blanket lol

Here I am sewing the hem.......

And this is the finished scarf. My friend loved it and I was honest and told her what had happened and that I had modified it. She said that made it even better, that I had put so much effort into it. So big pat on the back for me. I love giving gifts, even more so when its something that I have sewn, even if it were just a tiny tiny rolled hem :)

thanks for stopping by my lovelies, have a fabulous weekend,
Emma xxx

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