Friday, 10 March 2017

Creative Space : part 2

I cant tell you all how excited I am to show you my sewing room!!!! I'm almost there but there are still a few tweaks to be made before I can show you the whole thing. 

No matter how big or small a space you can always make it feel like your very own 'special place' you go to create. I have coveted this book for such a long time and have lost count of the hours I've spent on Pinterest checking out other peoples studios/sewing rooms, dreaming of what mine could look like.

Whenever we buy any kind of paint Mr.B always writes the date we bought it and what its for, an ever increasing part of his OCD. When I eventually got the tin out for my room I couldn't believe the writing said August 2013!!! Was it really that long ago that I planned to decorate???

I guess time just runs away with you. I half expected to open the tin and think, "I've changed my mind", but as soon as I saw it I remembered why I'd chose the colour in the first place. Its fresh, vibrant, calming, motivating, fun and one of my favourite colours rolled into one.

So after I'd glossed all the skirting and door architrave, I gave the whole room a new coat of Egyptian cotton (our whole house is painted this colour as a base). Already it was starting to look refreshed and clean.

I almost burst when I started the first coat, I just love the colour so much. Its more minty than in the photo and less turquoise. I must be the only weird person who loves to 'cut in', it takes me a little while as I'm a bit of a perfectionist but I love to see neat, crisp edges.

I'm saving the finished photos until I can get the room semi tidy, but I have started sorting out all my books and sewing bits and bobs.

As I was stating to Mr.B that I had some pictures I wanted to mount on the wall he suggested getting a shelf for extra places to showcase my pictures and nik-nacks (everyone has nik-nacks right?). So off we trekked to IKEA on a Sunday!!! I just want to say, if you are ever planning a trip to the very famous Danish stores, please do whatever you can to avoid a weekend, particularly a Sunday! It was ridiculous!!! 

After a lot, a lot of swearing under my breath and slaloming through the isles dodging trolleys and families, we made it to the check outs, shelf tucked firmly under Mr.B's arm and we were free!!!!! :D

Its a day off from the day job for me tomorrow so it'll be coffee in hand and full steam ahead to get everything back into the room and get re-organising.

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