Friday, 17 March 2017

Sewing room tour....the reveal!

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all excited as I am to show you my completely finished sewing room. Seriosuly I could burst every time I walk into it.....I absolutely love it! If you want to see it before, then have a look at this post.

If you follow me over on Instagram then would have already seen this little sneaky picture. I felt like I was teasing you all way too much so before I had a chance to sit down and write a blog post I thought it was only fair. 

So how did I choose the colour scheme? My lovely bloggy friend Rachel (*waves*) bought me a candle (quite a loooonnnng time ago) which I thought was the most gorgeous shade of mint green. I then snuck into Mr.B's office and borrowed his paint chart and tried to colour match the candle with a shade brighter and that was the colour I chose for the wall. I do think though that I have been slightly obsessed with this colour for longer than I initially thought, as since painting was complete and I started re-organising everything I found more and more things that I had either bought or been given that were almost the same colour. 

Any way I'm digressing, so this photo is of the main wall in my room, its the only wall that I painted with the mint green colour. I felt that the furniture was taking up too much of the wall and if I had put it back in the same place you wouldn't have seen as much of the colour as I would have liked. So we spent an hour or so jiggling it all about until I was happy. I also added an IKEA Lack shelf to the wall and painted it the same colour. I wanted some more space to display my favourite things. The hanging plant you can see, I've had for a while but didn't quite know where to put it, until we had moved the furniture around, then I knew exactly where it needed to go. I think the pot and hanging net came from Homebase and was only about £5 the plants I bought from our local garden centre. And you can also see that 'Sophia' my vintage Singer has pride of place in the middle of my shelving unit (also from IKEA, in fact all of my furniture, apart from the chairs is from the famous Danish store).

On the opposite wall is my desk (and the door to the room), I decided to keep my desk in the same place because this is where the best natural light is in the room. I know you're probably all thinking it would look a lot better without the TV on the wall, and I totally agree, but I do use it for listening to the radio and sometimes I sit in the other chair hand sewing whilst watching a movie. So for me, I just live with the fact its black and ugly on a pretty wall :D 
One thing you may have noticed is that there are two machines on my desk!!!! Yes I bought a new Janome!!!! I know how exciting!!!!! More about that in another post.

I pretty much re-organised everything in the room, trying to keep it all as maintenance free as possible. This has meant scaling down some of the crafty things I have stashed away :( I know how sad. Don't worry most of it has gone into a sealed box in the garage, just in case I need it lol.

My fabric drawers have moved into the corner, with my fabric boxes which hold all of my bobbins of thread. All of these drawers you see here will be sorted through in the coming weeks so if there are any of you out there that would be interested in giving some of it a new home, watch this space. I have since moved the iron after taking this photo, its an iron, who wants to see a bloody iron. Not me!! I want to see pretty, colourful and if possible fluffy or floral things.

And this is my chair in the corner, I know if doesn't look very comfortable but believe me its the perfect position for relaxing. I have sat in it many times with a tea/coffee/hot chocolate either hand sewing or watching a film or chatting on the phone....its perfect and its orange!

On the wall you might have noticed my new pin board, I decided to paint that in the wall colour too. Was it possible I could love it more? Yes, paint it mint green......YES.

Last year whilst shopping in Matalan, I saw fact it wasn't long after I bought the paint, actually I'm totally lying there as we bought the paint back in Aug 2013, yes that would be a ridiculously long time to wait to paint my room, now do you understand why I was so excited to show you???? 

I thought it was destiny, a B, in mint green, with a floral pattern, surely it was made for me and me only? That's what I told myself anyway when I strode up to the checkout to pay £3.50, total bargain!

Sorry I couldnt resist showing you another shot, its just sooooooooooooooooo bloody gorgeous.

And here's my arty farty shot of my hanging plant.

So there you go, my before and after shot of the same room (sorry the image is a little distorted, far too excited whilst trying to take a panoramic shot on my iphone).

Hope my post didn't dissapoint? I'm sat in here now writing this and I have to keep glancing up just to take another look. Dont think thats gonna wear off any time soon.

Emma xxx

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  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and more spacious with the new arrangement too :-) I guess the big question is, now that it's finished, what are you going to make first? Xx


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