Friday, 24 March 2017

Felt ball push pins - tute

Hello my lovelies, another week is flying by, I cant believe its Friday again! I seriously have no idea where the days go. Maybe its because I have so many projects on my To Do list, its keeping me so busy I don't notice the days passing by. 

After such a long time of being out of 'mojo' for blogging I'm finding 
it much easier these days. I'm not sure if its because I'm making stuff again or what but I'm not going to question it, it feels right and that's good enough for me. 

 So this weeks post is to show you how I made the felt ball push pins for my new pin board. I found this gorgeous pin board on ebay, it comes in different colours but I bought it in white with the idea that I would paint it myself. 

I bought a selection of felt balls from Blooming Felt, the chrome push pins also came from ebay and my little mini glue gun came from Hobbycraft which I bought last year. I have to admit, I've had so much fun with that little glue gun :)

I would suggest buying some decent quality push/drawing pins, you want them nice and sturdy for pushing into your cork board. I bought chrome coloured ones as I wanted them to look nice and shiny.

I chose a selection of 1.5cm balls which match the colours of my 'Follow your dreams' cushion that you can see in this post.

I did make a little video of how to make them but it didn't turn out too well and I couldn't figure out how to rotate it so that you could actually watch it the right way up.....if you have any tips or tricks please do let me know.

OK, its pretty simple so I'll just bullet point the process:

You will need:
Hot glue gun, glue sticks
felt balls (1.5cm)
Metal push/drawing pins

1. Heat up your glue gun
2. Take a push/drawing pin, hold it by the pin so that the head is facing you
3. Apply a pea sized amount of glue to the head of the pin
4. Take a felt ball and press it onto the head of the glued pin, hold it for a few seconds to make sure that the glue starts to dry
5. Leave them to one side to dry thoroughly
6. Snip off any excess glue with a pair of scissors

And there you go you should end up with felt ball push pins just like these :)

How can these not make you smile!!!!! 

They look fab on my pin board.

I love the fact they look like they are floating on the board. Each pin cost about 19p to make which I think is a bargain!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading, I'd love to hear if you try it out, you could use different shapes, heart or pebble or even buttons, cabochons or anything else you find......what about Lego pieces???

Have fun,
Emma xxx

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