Friday, 11 August 2017

A little more hams and sausages?

Whhooooooo I really am on a roll this week with blog posts hey? I have just parked my behind down on our very comfortable sofa (I do love our sofa, its one of those ones where when you sit on it you never want to get up again lol!!), with a very large cup of coffee and I'm trying to tie up all the loose ends so that Mr.B and I can spend the whole weekend relaxing together.

So while I was also on a roll of fun making, I decided to sew together some of the Tailors Ham and Sausage pressing sets that I made myself a few weeks ago. This kinda happened by accident, well I say this, I'm blaming it on you, the lovely people who asked would I be making any more....well here they are :D

I've made two sets and although I do enjoy making them, I don't think I will be making anymore, due to being focused on other things. So if you want to get your hands on a set be quick!! 

Obviously I had to make a sewing themed set!! And I have to admit I am a little bit in love with these ones!! One side there are vintage sewing items and on the other a gorgeous yellow letter set print.

The measurements are : 

HAM : 24cm x 18cm x 10cm
SAUSAGE : 29cm x 8cm x 6.5cm

They are made from cotton and are filled with sawdust....the good old fashioned way!!!

This is the second set, a gorgeous lime and teal floral pattern with a teal abstract floral print on the otherside.

I think they would make a fantastic gift for a sewing enthusiast or if you just really love ironing and want some fun and colour in your life, you totally need these!!!!

The sets are £20 plus £3.40 postage.

They are listed on my website, facebook and instagram but if you're interested just leave me a comment below :D

Have a great weekend my lovelies, I will be back on Monday with the next instalment of my dressmaking adventures!!!! 
Emma xxx

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