Friday, 18 August 2017

Sew over it - Ultimate Shift Dress

Hello my lovelies and happy Friday to you all!! 

Well what a week it has been, I did plan on writing this post on Wednesday but time just seems to have slipped by me. I've just taken a break from cutting out some fabric, made a cup of coffee and plonked my bum down in my chair in the corner of my sewing room. Now, this is becoming a rarity as Summer, my youngest furbaby, has now decided that this chair belongs to her! Cheeky monkey! 
If there are times when I cant find her any where in the house its because she has sneaked up here and snuggled herself into the throw on it. There has even been times when I've been sat in it and she has walked into the room with a look as if to say "Errrrm scooze me Mama you is sitting in meez chair!!" and of course I move and go and sit at my desk (I know what you're thinking, idiot, but how could I refuse that face?).

So in amongst the job hunting (here has been a lot of that this past week, as my time of semi retirement has almost come to an end sadly) I have made another item for my wardrobe.
This time its the Sew over it - Ultimate shift dress. I can hear you all moaning from here, uurrrggghhh why doesn't make something from a different pattern company? Its coming soon I promise, its by accident I keep making from their patterns, another way you could look at it is that they must make very good patterns. They are easy to follow, good for beginners (I think), and the fit is true to size (for me anyway).

Right lets get to it!
So this fabric, I purchased from an ebay shop, I think its called Regencyragsfabricstore or something similar. As I said before I bought a load of fabric from them, mainly because it was cheap and great for practising dressmaking. So if I did make any mistakes it didn't matter so much.

The pattern consists of one front piece, two back pieces, two facing pieces (depending which version you make) and two sleeve pieces. Now you have got the option of making, a sleeveless, short, 3/4 or full sleeve. I'm a huge fan of a short sleeve, this is due to my obsession with cardigans and the fact I love to throw one over a dress. Again another first in a long time for me with this pattern was setting a sleeve in. Now, it wasn't perfect there was a little puckering at the back seam, but all in all it was quite good and I'm fine with it :) Next time I will nail it!! 

It was another hook and eye fastening at the back, I love this, partly because I love sewing this type of opening but also because I think it looks really nice.

I found sewing the dress together pretty easy, the only part I was a little nervous about was the sleeves but I needn't have been as it wasn't half as scary as I had been picturing it in my mind (from previous experience years ago).

And of course, one of my labels. At this rate I will have to get some more made!! That's a good thing though, right? I cant tell you how much I am loving making my own clothes. I have to give a little shout out to the people who taught me to make clothes in the first place, now I know that they will never get to see this but its nice to give them the credit they deserve. When I was at Newcastle College studying Fashion Design we had two technicians called Joan and Christine and they were AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you for teaching me the skills I have today!!!

And here it is the finished dress, for the next one that I make I have adjusted the pattern ever so slightly. I have added 1cm to the front and back pattern pieces at the centre seam and I've added 2 inches to the length. The length on this one is OK but I wanted this dress for work wear and I think its a little short.  I think could get away with it with thick tights and boots for the winter of course. That is very me :D

Saying that though I do love it, its definitely my style, it should be worn without a belt as its a shift dress but anyone who knows me knows I cant live without accessories, so out came the belt. I was also a little unsure of the fabric when I first bought it but I think it works well with this dress pattern. 

My verdict then: big thumbs up for Sew over it, this pattern is easy to make/follow and looks great on. I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to try a simple dress. As always looking forward to making another soon!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend.....
Emma xxx

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  1. This looks great! It really suits you and looks great with the belt. You've picked a great fabric for it too.


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