Saturday, 26 August 2017

Sew over it pencil skirt - by accident!!!

So its Friday night, I am half way through cooking a shepherds pie, I have a glass of wine and The Gypsy Kings are serenading me through the stereo :D Oh shit yeah and I forgot I've left the washing out.....back in a second!!!!!

Right where was I.....Oh yeah this is how I roll on a Friday.

This week has been a busy one, how on earth did I fit in a full time job before???? Lol....well however I did it I will have to master that skill again soon (hopefully). I have two interviews next week, wish me luck!! 

I have realised as well if you follow me over on Instagram that I am significantly behind on you will have already seen some of these photos. I fully intend on catching some point ;)

Now I know I said that I promised that I would be posting a make from a pattern other than a Sew Over It one, but, in my defence I did think I was going to make it from a Simplicity pattern, but........

When I went to open the pattern to cut my size out, I thought, hmmmmm where is the size 10???? Then the brain kicked into gear and I realised that I had bought the US 14-22 which I think is UK 18-26. Picture eyes rolling back into head., really!! Yes, that will teach me for speed buying when the patterns were on sale!!! And obviously because I was waaaaaaay too impatient, I was straight on the internet looking for a pdf pattern that I could download straight away. Well I have never been one for waiting for anything, my Mother will tell you that!! So within the hour, I had downloaded, printed and cut out the SOI Ultimate pencil skirt. This was purely because it was a similar shape to the Simplicity one, which meant I could use the zip I had bought.

This was the gorgeous fabric that I had in mind for the may recognise it from my bag making days, as I also have it in a sage green colour which I made a clutch bag out of but sadly not enough to make the skirt, so out came the blue.

The pattern again was really simple, front and back pieces with front and back facing pieces. No lining on this one....WINNER!!!! At some point I will attempt a skirt with lining but just not yet :D

It calls for an invisible zip....which to be honest I wasn't that worried about, even though its been about fifteen years since I last sewed one lol I have to add here that I did not follow the instructions for inserting the zip as I followed MimiG's tutorial on how to insert an invisible zip. You know I love MimiG and her tute is so simple and her method I think is the best!! Just look at that zip!!!!

Also I am going to admit that the zip I had bought for the other pattern was an 8" one but this pattern requires a 12" zip, I thought I would try it anyway to see if I could get away with it. Its OK but because of the high waist and where it sits you would need the 12" zip....I have to do a little wiggle dance to get into it.

This pencil skirt is quite high waisted, probably a little too high for my taste to be honest, but as this was my first attempt I went with it. It does look very classy but I think next time I will amend the pattern so its not as high. 

The skirt also has a vent at the back centre seam which I love!!!!! This part was so easy to sew, the instructions are really clear as to what to do.....loving a vent!!!!! I really enjoyed making this skirt and I have to say hats off to Lisa at Sew Over It for making yet another fantastic pattern. I love the skirt, its a snug fit, but not so that its not comfortable. 

And here it is......

What do you think?

At first I thought this fabric/print would be too much for a pencil skirt, but I gotta say it......I love it so much, I've tried it with this white vest and a black one and its definitely a winner in my book!!!

Queue my really bad poses at the top of our stairs lol its the best light in the house for taking photos and considering these were took with my iphone attached to a tripod with a hair bobble I dont think they are that bad :D

So I have to say that this skirt was a fantastic accident (due to the Simplicity pattern fiasco with the sizes) and I can see this one being replicated many times. You gotta love a pencil skirt. Would love to make a black one for work and maybe a tweed one for a bit more of a classic look.

Have a fantastic weekend my lovelies and I will be back soon with some more of my sewing adventures...

Emma xxx

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