Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Balls, balls, balls

Felt ones that is........

Time for a little time out post from all the dressmaking I think. Can you believe it will be 10 weeks tomorrow since I left my job?!! I can in one hand as it feels like a lifetime ago and then I cant in another as I would like to have another 10 weeks off :D that cant happen though I have to get back to a day job soon. I've applied for a number of jobs and think I finally pin pointed the type of job that I want to do....I just have to get it now!! (think positive!)

Any way in amongst all the dressmaking (self discovery), the job applications and everything else I seem to be filling my time with I've been indulging in a little bit of fun making. After the pencil cases I wanted to make some more of the felt coasters that I'd made for my sewing room. I just think that they are so bright and cheerful, really sturdy and can be made in any colours you want!!! 

A simple way to add a little bit of colour to your room!!! 

This one is my fav but of course that's because I have one in the same colours in my sewing room :D

Not blowing my own trumpet but I also though that the felt ball push pins that I made for my notice board looked fantastic so I made a load of those too. They are all on my website available to buy, tough part now is just choosing which ones are your favourite!!!

Right I'm off to grab a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit!!!
...Oh yes and cut out some fabric to make a skirt....post coming soon.

Emma xxx

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