Sunday, 20 July 2008

Dragonflies, lilly pads and cupcakes Part 3

As promised from yesterdays post (please see below) here are the finished brooches. Hope you all like them.....

Lilly brooches

close up.....

Dragonfly brooches

And last but not least here is a sneaky peek of my 'cup cake of the inedible kind' birthday gift. Can you tell what it is?


  1. Wow! What lovely work! Are those brooches all felted? So fun! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. gorgeous! yummy looking cupcake too :)

  3. Oh my I love the brooches! Amazing work Bagladee!

  4. Hi Bagladee - Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've had a lovely time looking at your bits and pieces (so to speak). Those dragonfly brooches are especially fabulous.

    Take care :-)

  5. BEAUTIFUY WORK..I started the thread today on etsy and I will be back to see wht you are upt to.

  6. aww i love those dragonflys!
    my partner calls me dragonfly hahaha

    i am having my first giveaway if you wanna check it out!

  7. Hi Emma, those brooches look stunning! And the cupcake goodies look really scrummy too! Mmmm, think I might have to go and make some edible ones!! ;-)

  8. Stunningly yummy>>>....

  9. sorry i wrote on your first comment but didnt get to see any of your awesome work. i now see how sweet and adorable you craft. love the colors...they will make anyones day!


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