Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Dragonflies, lilly pads and cupcakes!

Just a short post to update you all. I have been very busy this week......buying!!! Ha Ha. My favourite hobby (well apart from sewing of course).

I have a couple of projects up my sleeve at the moment. I have been spending sometime this week working on some drawings for new felt brooches. I decided to search for some images on the net and came up with Dragonflies, Lilly's and Lilly pads. I'm still only in the drawing stages but as soon as I get something sewn I will post some photo's.

I am also working on a birthday gift for a close friend.....I know she reads this blog so all I can say is it involves cupcakes of the none edible variety!! Thanks to my bloggy friend Sarah for supplying me with some sewing essentials for my birthday project. :)

***Also don't forget to check in next week as I will be having my first ever giveaway and my gift bags are full of fantastic goodies (almost too good to give away!!!)***


  1. yay! Be sure to post your giveaway in the etc. forums, mine always get more traffic that way!

  2. thanks for the loevly comments on my blog...a girl after my own heart...bags & cupcakes mmmm Tx

  3. Ooooooh, the suspense! The suspence . . .


  4. Kepp us (Etsy) posted on the cupcake project. I'm a sucker for all things cupcake especially of the fat free variety!

  5. What lovely ideas for your new brooches, can't wait to see them. And the cupcakes of course!!

  6. Hi Bagladee!

    Saw your blog in the etsy forums and wanted to check it out. I love you name! Can't wait to see what your blog giveaway is. Hope you have a relazing Sunday.


  7. mmm, cupcakes... now you've got me thinking


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