Saturday, 19 July 2008


Now that my two gift bags are safely in the post winging their way to Victoria and Marin I am sat with a glass of red wine relaxing (real terms: blogging!).

I have been busy sewing away this week putting in all the zips and lining into my cup cake and Chinese doll fabric purses/makeup pouches. Nearly there only a few more to do and then I will post my photos.

I have also finished part of my 'cup cake of the inedible kind' birthday gift for my friend. I was going to take an abstract photo and show you all but whilst taking some photos this afternoon the batteries died on me and even though I have looked all over the house I can not seem to find the rechargeable batteries I have for it (probably why there were normal ones in it, if I remember rightly I couldn't find them last time either!!) I'm sure the last time I had them was when we went to New York in January? Oh well, I will pick some up tomorrow and get clicking!!

As its my friends birthday next week I will be able to show you exactly what I made......I don't want to ruin the surprise.

This morning I went to visit some friends that I haven't seen for quite some time, so we spent a few hours catching up. I then came home and finished the brooches that I have been making (Dragonflies & Lillies- posted below) and attempted to take some photos. While I was sewing the beads on the flowers my kitty cat Nell was fast asleep on my lap......I think she was getting in some much missed TLC, I've been so busy lately she's been having to sit on her kitty hammock. So she got some well deserved pampering this afternoon which consisted of lots of behind the ear and under the chin scratching!! :)

Well off to fill my glass up %) hope you all have a fab weekend. And since there is a lack of photos today and the fact I mentioned New York I thought I'd post two of my favourite photos I took earlier on in the year. (Hoping to go and spend Christmas there again this year!!)

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