Wednesday, 9 July 2008


As I have now reached 100 hearts on my Etsy shop I thought it was only right to have a little give away to say thanks for loving Bagladee!!

There are 2 give away gift bags up for grabs:

And inside each bag the goodies are:

1. 2 large squares of felt 12x12
2. 12 Amy Butler design craft papers
3. 9 squares of felt 4x4 (kindly donated by Sarah)
4. Sticker set (consisting of 15 raised stickers)
5. 2 folds of ribbon
6. 3 Mini note books
7. 2 Mochi Kitty Madness Pin Back Buttons

Perfect for all you crafters out there!!

Anyone can take part, all you have to do is:

1. Go to my Etsy shop by clicking here.

2. Have a good browse round my shop and pick your favourite item.

3. Come back to my blog and leave a comment of what your favourite item is, who you think you'd buy it for (of course it can be for yourself) and why? Don't forget to include an email address or Etsy ID (if you have one) so I can contact the winners!

:) Easy! Good Luck!

***Winners will be chosen out of a hat and announced on Monday 14th July.***


    I'd buy this... for my aunt. It reminds me of her style!

    My etsy id is mattscraftywife.

  2. oooo I love giveaways :-)

    I would buy this astroskulls bag for my son's girlfriend, to say a BIG thank you to her for introducing me to etsy. It's very much "her", she's 25 and a little bit gothy - perfect! xxx

  3. I would buy this:

    It's so pink and pretty!


  4. Finding a favorite was difficult! I love the large lyndee makeupbag. If I were feeling generous I would buy it for my mom for when she travels, but on a less generous day I'd buy it for myself just to throw in my bag so I could have all my makeup handy:)

    you can find me on etsy (SpinachNpeace)

  5. Oh, those goodie bags look fantastic! Really hard to choose one favourite - and actually I couldn't so can I pick two?! As I tend to be attracted to things by colour mostly, I would go for either the Katie or Astor make up bags - just because I love the colours! And yes, I would buy them for ME!! ;)

  6. Felt, felt - did someone mention felt.... Mmmm Mmmmm.... Love Felt!

    I simply adore EVERYTHING in your shop - but on impulse I would pick this bag... For my beloved Sister who sings in a band called 'Circus of Sound'... And just like this gorgeous bag, she is beautiful and just a tad 'unusual' which is what makes her so special!

    Thank you for the opportunity of poss winning one of those wonderful goodie bags..x....

    My blog is

  7. I really like this one. It would be a gift to myself.

    And you can contact me through Etsy at

    Great giveaway!

  8. Sophistokitty - for me! So cute!

  9. I love your Flutterbye Handbag,

    It is too cute!

    Sue Cahill
    (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)


    The Sophistokitty bag is awesome! My friend Sophia would adore it, thus I would buy it for her.

    My etsy ID is Hemlockskey

    My favorite is the Karmen tote bag. I would get it for myself as I need a new bag.:)

    Taleri @etsy

  12. I really love this

    The colors are my favorite

  13. I love love love your Sienna Bag. The colors are fantastic. Perfect for August and September.

  14. hi, thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog! I love all your bags but my favourite is the miami orange tote bag, I love the colours and the shape. I would buy it for myself or a present although I think it would be hard to give away.
    : )

  15. Congrats on reaching 100 hearts! You have a lovely shop!!

    My favorite item is your Flower Brooch - in Blue:

    I'd buy it for myself, because it would look awesome on my purse. :D



    beautiful! I hearted it, would get it for my sister. :)

    my etsy is

  17. I like the Karmen Tote bag- and it'd be for ME!!! Ever since we started babyhoot, I've gotten this *thing* for fabrics. Plus, I like things that are not pink and girlie yet still feminine. the details in the bag are what makes it the best. :)


  18. Congrats on your 100 hearts on Etsy!
    I would buy the Miami Orange tote for my sister, because she loves Third Day (their fan group is the color orange) and she just loves pink!..So those 2 together are awesome! But all of your items are beautiful!
    my etsy id is

  19. Oh, wow, you have some great things! I would chose this as my fave -
    and I'd love to buy it for myself! I rarely carry a purse, but carrying my license and credit cards in my back pocket has a tendency to ruin them. This seems perfect to carry just what I need NOT in my pocket!

    My etsy ID is littlestinkerstore


    it has to be the fabulous beautiful, Miami orange bag! Why because it is "Summer in a Bag", that sounds a bit naff , however it is true, Zesty orange and hot pinks evoke the feeling of Hot, tropical, beach, summer fruits, exotic,happy ...I will stop here:)
    Mad-Boo x

  21. I love love love the Katie Coin Purse.

    So glad you shared your blog with me. :)

  22. Oooh too much to choose from ...but my fav is the flutterbye black's elegant but that little bit funky with the pink insert VERY sex & the city mmmm my fav....etsy name is tcaketess!...thanks bagladee for a fab site & giveaway. hugs Tx

  23. I have to say, part of me would want to buy the Sienna ote bag for my mom because she'd love the's very autumn-ish and natural. Bt the other part of me would want to get the prety pink Xyla clutch bag. It's just sooo very me and would go with so much that I have and wear.

  24. oh, sorry...i'm at

  25. My favorite item is this the Katie Make-up pouch - Large. Here is the link for reference.

    I believe anyone could buy this as a birthday gift to give to the special lady in their life. Eventhough this bag is intended for make-up I think you could use it for anything. The fabric is really pretty and the pouch is even lined in pretty pink! Very cute design and because the bag zips things are secured, unlike a snap where things can fly out. If this pouch is long enough I would consider using it to store all my watercolor craft pens! The possibilities are endless and the design is classic. :-)

    Thanks for reading,



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