Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Bow Decoration Tutorial (& Giveaway)

Sorry for the delay in the tutorial guys, a mix of feeling unwell and Internet issues has slowed me right down today (thank you for the get well comments yesterday x). Any way here we go:


Materials you will need:

Buttons (or any other embellishment)

For this tutorial its probably best if you pin your template pieces to the felt as they are quite long and tricky to keep straight.

Draw round your templates, for each bow you will need:
x1 of the large bow template decoration pieces
x1 of the bow middle pieces
x2 of the bow tails
Cut all the pieces out with your scissors, you should now have 4 pieces that look like this.

Take the large main section of the bow and lie it flat on a table (flat surface).

Take both of the ends and fold inwards.

Like so.....

Pin either side of the join so that it stays still while you thread your needle.

Sew a running stitch down either side of the join securing the bow in the middle, its OK if you sew right through to the other side as this will be hidden with the middle section.

Take your middle section and place over the middle of the bow, turn the bow over and lay it flat on the table.

Take the bottom edge of the middle section and fold inwards to the centre of the bow......

Then take the top edge of the middle and do the same so that its neatly tucked in (as above) make sure your needle is threaded before you do this as you will need to hold the bow in place while you sew.

Sew a running stitch along the joining edge.

Now your bow is securely fastened in place, we need to add the hanging tab.

Cut your ribbon to 18cm (or whatever length you'd like) and fold it in half placing the ends together, pattern sides facing up and stitch in place.

Stitch the ribbon loop to the back of your ribbon.

Now take the bow tails and overlap slightly at an angle (as above) and stitch together.

Make sure they are secure.

Stitch the bow tails to the back of the bow covering the ribbon loop with a running stitch again.....

.......this leaves the back of your bow lovely and neat. Turn your bow over and...... Voila a pretty Christmas bow to go on your tree. You could also add an embellishment to your bow. I made a second set and added buttons.
So if you take your bow middle section and sew a button exactly in the middle.

Which will look like this.

You can add a little detail to your bow.

You could also make bows out of paper or card and add them to a string of paper garland for that extra something. Make them as big or little as you like......I'm thinking of making my own felt wreath and adding lots of felt bows to it :D

Happy sewing!!!

If you would like to win the set I made for this tutorial, simply comment on this post. Please make sure I have a way of contacting you from your comment.
A winner will be drawn on Sunday 28th November.


  1. Oh they are so lovely...the felt really gives them a sumptuous look!
    Loving the tutorials - THANK YOU

  2. These are yummy, I can see me making some of these at the weekend with the girls. Thanks! x

  3. That's so cute, and looks really easy, too. I think even I could make one, or five.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks for such a great idea (& very clear tutorial). Now then, where's my felt?!xx

  5. This is a beautiful ornament!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very clever! Thanks for the chance to win, and thanks for the tutorial, as well!


  8. Gorgeous bows & a great tutorial!!
    Really hope you feel better soon hun : )

    Sharon xx

  9. These would look fab decorating presents too! Great tute!
    R x

  10. Wowthese bows are really lovely. Thanks for the tutorial. Look great on the tree as decorations


  11. What a great tutorial. It's very clear in both explanations and the pcitures are great. Thank you! Hugs x

  12. Hola Emma, excelente tutorial, y por cierto, quedó muy bonito el lazo, será que podemos reproducirlo?, gracias, Lidia

  13. Nice tutorial, thank you for posting. Hope you will feel better soon.


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