Thursday, 11 November 2010

I dont normally.... photos of our house (for personal reasons) but since it has been dominating my time so much over the last week I thought it only seemed right. I am EXHAUSTED!! to say the least, muscles and joints crying out for a soak in Radox but here is evidence that it is all worth it.

This is our compact and bijoux dining room, a totally rubbish photo (taken with my phone) but you can get the gist of it.

As you can see we trialed out many tester pots before we found the right colour. Way back when we bought the house we painted every room Chalk Stone, an off white colour. We only wanted a subtle colour change as our furniture speaks volumes and adds the colour to the room so eventually we chose the top left tester colour which is Egyptian Cotton. You can just see where I have cut in round the ceiling.

And here you can just about see the change in colour, well I did say it was subtle. It makes the rooms feel so much warmer. Cant wait to see the walls painted tomorrow (groaning from all of my body), I will post some more (better) photos soon. Now I'm off for something warm and hearty for dinner, its soooo wet and windy outside.

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  1. We have Egyptian Cotton too - love it. We also decorated the majority of our new house this year, so I hear what you (and your muscles) are screaming!
    Good Luck with the rest... it will so be worth it in the end when you can relax and enjoy it!


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