Sunday, 7 November 2010

Feeling festive?

I sure am!!! has been fully decorated :D (thanks to C and his brilliant skills), there are new slouch bags, shoulder bags and cosmetic pouches available to buy (listed this morning), clutch bags on their way, fun Christmas themed tutorials, gift making....I think I could burst at how festive I'm feeling!

Under no circumstances am I allowed the house decorations up until the first weekend in December, but what C doesn't know is that I've put my lights up in the studio already (Ssssshhh don't tell him) ;) well I had to get in the spirit didn't I?

This weekend has consisted of no crafting, but lots of paining in the house. Trying to get all the last bits done and dusted for Christmas. Something has to give right? Cant spend all my time crafting :(

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  1. hehe, you sound in the christmas spirit already! I hope your painting went well, your website looks great!
    : )


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