Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Intentions are all well and good but often they don't get you anywhere!! Today I have cut out some lining for the new cosmetic pouches I'm making and took up some trousers for C's Dad. But that's it!!! Not very much is it.

I'm not sure what the problem is.....I feel motivated but just cant keep my attention focused on anything today. I've been 'faffing' again!

I even came out of the studio to come and photoshop some photos for my website and look I've ended up rambling on here :( I did also have a little tincy bit blog reading before I decided to post :) I haven't got any photos to show I'm afraid, well not unless you want to see a photo of our stained carpet in the spare room, that I very much doubt :D

Right I'm going to try and focus and get something substantial done. I will make an effort tomorrow and come with photos....How very dare I post again without any!! Please forgive me ;)

See you tomorrow. x

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