Friday, 5 November 2010

Last tags

This is the last batch of these very lovely but out of date twill tape tags. As you know I changed the typeface of my name to a very beautiful and feminine one. But as I don't like wasting materials I had to wait until now to think about making some in the new text. Most of these will be used up on the cosmetic pouches that I'm making (fabric from yesterday) so I'm planning on making brand new ones this weekend. Cant wait to see how they look!

I'm pleased that you are feeling a little Christmassy out there, it means that I don't feel as if I'm being a little premature in organising myself. I've (we) been busy creating some Christmassy things, cant tell you just yet but all will be revealed soon. Bliss the music channel on SKY (for us people in the UK) have already started playing Christmas songs (much to C's disgust) which I just found exciting and couldn't resist singing away to.


  1. ha! I like those old tags, but I bet it feels good to get rid of them for something fresh and new.

  2. Well, can not wait to see Christmas items. I am now follower of your lovely blog:


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