Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Chaos

Amongst all the chaos of trying to prepare for Christmas I have managed to make some cute Reindeer's. I bought the pattern last October (yes I know isn't that bad of me), I had full intentions of making some for last Christmas but never actually got round to it, Christmas Markets etc.

(can you see my poisettia napkin rings on the table behind?)

But since this year I didn't sign up for any fairs I had some time to myself to make things at my own pace. So far I have made four sets and I am on my fifth, they all have different coloured noses and buttons these ones with blue noses were for C's Mam. Aren't they sweet?

So simple and easy to make and a great way of using up some of the huge stock pile I have of hessian!!

Thank you for your suggestions on my last post, I loved all the ideas and have bought a gift for my Dad (its not a jumper) but I cant tell you what in case he reads this post.

I have been really busy the last few days making Christmas gifts but unfortunately I cant show you any photo's just yet as the recipients read my blog. Sorry guys I will have some photos for you soon. Is everyone almost all sorted for Christmas? I'm off into town tomorrow morning to pick up my last bit....wish me luck :o/


  1. Your reindeer are just adorable, I LOVE THEM! Tammy of Beaded Windsocks

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