Friday, 3 December 2010


This little chap I made last week and I have since named him Derek. A lady contacted me through Folksy and asked would I be able to make her an owl in greys, blue and white as she had seen my ornaments and said she liked my style. I did a few sketches, emailed the lady (with no response) so I went ahead and made him any way.

Listed it in my Folksy shop and emailed the lady again, unfortunately it was not to her taste and not what she expected. So an unwanted Owl is now on general sale here. (Bless his feathered socks!!).

I know that not everyone likes the same things and this lady did have very good personal reasons as to why she didn't like him. And to be honest the way I've been feeling this past week it doesn't bother me at all. Maybe I was a little hasty at making him? Well anyway I think he is cute.

I have tickets to the Clothes Show Live on Sunday and it almost brings me to tears as I really want to go but still look hideous (numerous painful cold sores) and feel soooo self conscious about walking round in public like I look. I'm hoping by some miracle that over the weekend they get better.

p.s. hoping to photograph my planned tute this weekend so watch out for that.


  1. For me, Derek is really really nice!

  2. How can anyone not love little Derek and his cute scarf! So sweet. Go to the clothes show, I am sure you look a lot better than you think.

  3. Adorable. She has a great color palette sense. Love the scarf!


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