Thursday, 9 December 2010

A huge thank you :D

To all of you who:
Still visited my blog even though I was M.I.A
Sent me lovely comforting emails
Left me get well wishing comments
Looked after me whilst I was sick (that's you Chris, thank you xx)
Rang me constantly to check if I was OK (Mama I know if you'd have been here you would have given me lots of hugs, even though I was minging ;) lol)

I don't want to dwell on it too much, I was ill, it sucked a**, I cried, slept, took lots of tables (don't worry they were ones I was prescribed :D) ate more soup than anyone can take, and didn't leave the house in 10 days!! And although I feel a million times better today, you could see in the faces of my work colleagues when I went back to work today they were thinking 'Oh you poor bugger!!'. Honestly I'm well on the road to recovery, I am determined!

Right on to the good stuff :D while I was sat at home last week I enjoyed a little bit of hand sewing and made lots more Christmas ornaments, they all went on their merry way to the post office today (more successful than I had imagined). And tomorrow.......Drum Roll please......I will be posting the tutorial that I was meant to last Thursday! Whoopee!! See you then.

Hugs xxxx


  1. It's good to have you back! We missed you and your posts!!!

  2. Glad you feel better, hun! at least you've gor it out of the way before Christmas ; )
    Hugs ((( )))

    Sharon xx


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