Wednesday, 15 December 2010

In need of help!!

What do you buy the Dad who has got everything (well almost)????

Dad if you are by chance reading this, then stop and go and surf the net somewhere else, otherwise you will spoil present surprises!!! Go on........ :D

OK I need help getting my Dad a gift for Christmas, I am trying desperately not to just fall back on old faithful and get him ANOTHER jumper. He is the type of man who has nearly every gadget thing going and when he wants something he will just go out and buy it. I do know that he likes the jumpers that I get him, I just want to change it up a little this year and get something that he wont be expecting.

Now I don't want to spend mega bucks, I am a great believer that it is the thought that counts and well to be honest pennies need to be stretched far this Christmas. So I am reaching out to you my fellow bloggers in the hope that you will give me some great ideas or links where I can go searching for that perfect gift. I know that I don't have that long really to get something (which is typically me, I never do my Christmas shopping in advance!!) so I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that you will come up with something.....ppplllllleeeeaaassseeee!!

Quick Bio:
Male (obviously)
Early 60's
likes to read, draw, build things, make things,
spends most of his time outside of the UK for work,
errrrmm he's my Dad, getting difficult to write anymore as you just think of them as Dad, don't you.

If you can help with any suggestions I would be eternally grateful :)


  1. Not sure if this is too sentimental, but if he travels a lot away from home then what about a small photo book with some choice shots - he can then take it away with him? Some good deals available on sites like Snapfish?

  2. Or make him a phone cosy or laptop case, something that will remind him of you? I love this badge for an avid reader; there are lots of lovely book related things in this shop too. And if you're just not inspired socks are always a handy alternative to jumpers :) x

  3. I usually look at the past times website for ideas

    my mum is the same to buy for so she likes gardening and hates the long winter nights so I've got her a garden crossword book.

    oh another wbsite - I want one of those. com

    Josie x

  4. a case for his passport and travel docs?
    sometimes I think men deserve all the socks and woolie pullies for being so difficult to buy for!

  5. small mps player for him to listen to on his travels - could put favourite songs on it for him - think you can get really quite good little ones for £20

  6. I once got my Dad a mixed box of frozen Cornish pasties delivered- he loved it!

  7. Dads are so hard to buy for aren't they? Like you say, at that stage in their lives, if there is anything they want then they just get it! Don't know if this will help but there are some really cool and unusual gifts for men in general on notonthehighstreet - might be worth a look? (I got a great gift for P from there and he is a huge pain to buy for!)

  8. hhhmm last year I got my Dad a book that was the last in the series of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which he liked. A bookmark? Are there any albums he wants? I have also this year made my Dad dark Lindt chocolate covered ginger and you can cover cranberries aswell, so yummy. I also go him a photo calendar of the family.

  9. Does your dad like coffee? I like to buy mine a gift set from starbucks. You can get a set with a large starbucks mug and a bag of their Christmas 2010 coffee beans for between £15 and £20. If he doesn't have a grinder, thats fine because if there is a starbucks nearby he can take it to them to grind for free. My dad works in Saudi Arabia and that's what he does :)

  10. what about an 'experience' thing? Or a magazine subscription?
    : )


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