Tuesday, 14 December 2010


This is a huge order (well huge for me) of felt decorations that is winging its way to New Zealand, there are angels and gingerbread men underneath too but you cant really see them in the photo. I included some Christmas chocolates with them as I thought it would be nice to receive a little gift with it being nearly Christmas and all.

I have loved making these this year and I've a funny feeling they will be making a return again next year. Got a little something up my sleeve too which is kinda related to this....but I'm not saying too much until I have it all sorted and worked out. Watch this space :D

I am slowly catching up on Christmas prep, I have made a few gifts and have a list of things I need to go shopping for, the decorations are all up and looking very festive. How are you all getting on?

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  1. It is such a relief when you finish an order, I bet you heaved a big sigh of relief! The snowmen are very handsome too! lol! xx


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