Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Well I did have an afternoon or should I say 'crafternoon' (my new buzz word cleverly created by the lovely Sarah of Blooming Felt) planned but this was scuppered by the pesky day job :( So by the time I did the food shopping the afternoon was over. Booooo!!!

However C is out playing football so I get to have a crafty evening instead. Yeeaaahhhhh!!!

I'm feeling kinda dizzy high at the moment and no its not because I've been gluing purse/clutch frames :D Excited but not really knowing whether my feet are on the ground or not. Its like waiting for Christmas. Oooh speaking of which, sorry I can feel some of you virtually poking me in the eye right at this moment, but because of recent events I am having to ramp up the 'making' so I am currently surrounded by cute gingerbread men and some new cuties. I promise to show them to you as soon as they are finished, as long as you all promise not to hurl something at me for talking about the dreaded 'C' word.

Quick question: Do any of you use AdSense on your blog? Do you find it profitable? And do any of you reading blogs find them annoying? Just wondered if it would be worth me adding it, as extra funds at the mo would be a great help.


  1. I use Ad sense and I will tell you what I think when you put me out of suspense and tell me what is going on!

    ...alright, I have it, it annoys me! and I don't make much money a few cents a day. I think i am going to ditch it and try sponsorsed spots instead.
    NOW RELL ME!!!! :O)

  2. Ooh, cryptic! Is this excitement due to the thing we talked about? Re ads, I don't mind seeing ads on peoples blogs, but it annoys me when every other post is about one of their sponsors though! I have wondered whether offering ad space would be worthwhile, but I would want to be pretty selective about who I advertised on my blog.
    R x


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