Sunday, 7 August 2011


Do you remember these little fellas? My lovely little ginger bread men. I have been twoing and frowing for the last couple of weeks whether or not to start making some more in time for Christmas. Oh crap I've just gone and said the 'C' word, nope not that one, the other. Now I'm sure I've just heard lots of moans in the background that its months away. But last year I ran out of time to make as many as there were being demanded. Especially when people were ordering them in their dozens.

I am going to be prepared this year and yep I have already cut some out this morning.

I'm kinda using them as a 'get back into work' exercise. Now don't get me wrong I love to make bags, this is what I love to do. But late I have felt like I have been stuck in a rut. Ever since I was little I've loved to (as my Mam calls it) faff with bits and bobs, I love variety and I think this is why I have arrived in the no mans land of non craftiness. There hasn't been any variety! I've missed playing with felt and missed the general "Today I think I will make...". And the worst part of this is that I have more time to do these things than I've ever had!! So how come I have let it happen? Complacency? Who knows?

I have ordered some new purse frames so that means I get to construct some new patterns, that should fix the problem. I also have a list of tutorials I plan to make/write so this old blog of mine should be back to its interesting (well some may think it is) and not this drivel I have been writing about.

Right moan and boring bits over, hurray for Christmas decorations!!! Lol :D Oh yeah and today I've realised I could do with a peg bag so I'm going to be working on a funky modern pattern, watch this space.


  1. Oi amiga!!! passei para fazer uma visitinha e amei teu blog!!
    O meu é novinho, estou postando muitas coisas de feltro e pt cruz quase todos os dias e ele precisa de divulgação para as amigas arteiras copiarem a vontade.
    AH, meu blog está com um MEGA sorteio de mimos, por conta do seu aniversário, vem correndo para ver...
    Coloca meu blog na tua lista, que faço aqui o mesmo!! vem me fazer uma visitinha!! bjus

  2. Christmas, oh my!! I have been thinking it, have made lists and plans to make gifts but oh dear me, you've gone and actually said it now!!

  3. Im getting ready for Christmas... Im making all gifts this year... the shops won't be happy with me..! lol

    I'm pickling eggs, making plum ketchup, there will be sloe gin... chutneys... crocheted and stitched creations and the odd watercolor or pastel drawing...

    I refuse to buy gift set toiletries and tat this year!

    love that ginger man.... thats the best eyes I have seen on one ever... i prefer a mix of media... xx

  4. I don't think you can mention the C-word in AUGUST! :o) xx

  5. I'm thinking of christmas too, I usually start when the children go back to school, I love the ginger bread men they are totally adorable. I'm really glad you are growing things too, be warned it may take over your life ( it has mine anyway ).
    Emma x


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