Saturday, 13 August 2011

My sneaky order

My sneaky order arrived yesterday, C said there's a parcel for you. Now if I hadn't been so excited I should have said Oh right thanks and walked off into the studio with it. Oh but no, I came straight out with "Oh goody it must be my fabric" DOH!!!!!!

They are soooo pretty, some are for an exhibition order and the rest are for me to play with :)

Today I visited Strawberry Cupcakes, I only wish it was to do another course but this time I was just picking up some more sugar paste so I can make some more decorations for my yummy cupcakes. We then went to get some flowers for the garden which is looking pretty good now. Not quite there but will look lovely when we get the turf and decking down. This afternoon was spent putting them in the boarders and giving a second coat to my cold frame.

I have lots of secrets at the moment but I cant tell anyone yet, they are bagladee related.....lots of new projects....hopefully. Fingers crossed!!


  1. Ohh, love a bit of intrigue

  2. Lovely fabrics. Can't wait to hear more....! x


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