Tuesday, 30 August 2011

SBS Winner

Every week for about the last 3-4months I have been 'pitching' my little business to the one and only Theo Paphitis through Twitter. Every week I'd think of something new to write about bagladee and every week I would constantly refresh my BB to see if I had been retweeted.

For those of you not familiar with SBS (Small Business Sunday) Theo opens his Twitter name to a constant flow of 'pitching' tweets from hopeful business peeps 5-7:30pm every Sunday night. Then whilst Dragons Den is airing he chooses 6 of 'the best' and retweets their tweet.
For some weird reason this week I thought I'd not check because it wouldn't be me. Dragons Den had finished and me and C were watching Match of the Day. One email came through my BB, then 2, then 3.....until there were so many emails and mentions on Twitter my phone completely froze!!! Yep froze!! Jumping up and down and squealing "Its me, he picked me!!" whilst C was shushing me because I was interrupting the football. Once I had calmed down enough to explain he was thrilled I had been picked (first too). I'm still on cloud 9 and still cant believe it. Orders are coming in, my email is jam packed with enquires and I have gained about 300 new followers on Twitter.

Now I know Theo is never going to read this but if he were:

Dear Mr Paphitis, I really cant thank you enough for picking me this Sunday for SBS I am truly over the moon. It means more than you can imagine and gives me the encouragement to push myself that little bit further. You really made my forever. I have placed my badge proudly on the front page of my website (made by the lovely Tia of Whoatemycrayons) and will be forever grateful.
Many many thanks
Me xx


  1. Congratulations Emma,
    Sorry I didnt realise you had won, I to had given up looking!
    Your bags are truly amazing, you really did deserve to win.

    Zazu Jewellery

  2. Well Done Emma!
    I loved your little thank you message for TP too!
    Judith Brown jewellery

  3. that's great news, well done!

    Josie x

  4. YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or as your OH might say, GOOOOAAAALLLL!! Well done you!!! So pleased for you hun xx

  5. Congratulations - just shows what hard work and perseverance can do.

  6. wwwaahoo well done, I hope you are going to treat yourself as a pat on the back. x

  7. when you emailed me the other day I had NO idea what you were talking about!
    Anyway Congratulations, you deserve it!

  8. Congratulations! Well deserved.

  9. I'm not on Twitter so I don't understand what Theo wrote, but congratulations on being noticed and recognised for the brilliant designer and businesswomen that you are!

  10. Hi, congratulations again. Don't forget us when you are rich and famous and too posh to blog! Haha. Seriously, fab news. x

  11. I'm so pleased for you - it's a very well deserved award !! Xx


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