Monday, 22 August 2011


Today I've had a lovely afternoon making some clutch bags for a special order. The fabrics that I had chosen for this order (including the one above) are different to what I would normally buy to add to the website but more 'me' fabrics. And whilst I was sewing it felt like the 'old me'.

There are lots of other things going on too (no surprise to you who know what I'm like for doing a hundred things at once), a secret, another secret, some 'C' prep (Christmas for those who don't mind me saying it), a custom order, another gallery order, Oh yes and I haven't forgotten about your request for a clutch Mama its cut out waiting to be sewn.

I'm really enjoying being part time at the day job for the first time since I transferred contracts, I feel like I'm finally in a 'routine'. Well as much of a routine as there can be, it just means that I have managed to organise myself enough to start growing my own veg, help C out with the final renovations of the house and sew sew sew til my hearts content.

Life feels good! :)


  1. Glad life is good!!

    I'm amazed at how Bagladee has grown in sucha short space of time. You're amazing!!


  2. Congrats on the illusive work/life least the fun/crafty work anyway! SoOunds like things are going great!

  3. Life sounds good, you are a talented girl and desrve alk the success! Well done sweetie xx


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