Sunday, 22 May 2011

Twin (Peaks, well a mountain really)

I'm so glad that I am finally starting to feel better, time is ticking and there are lots to be made before June 16th!!!
Yesterday was the first day that I've really felt up to 'getting stuck into it', being ill when you work for yourself and you are the only person in that business is not ideal. But I think the few days of rest did me good.

To go with the photo that I posted yesterday of the Ruby triplets here are Phoebe and Cordelia twins. I really loved this print, hence why I bought it in purple and white :)

These are all ready to be packaged up and off on their travels this week and then I can add my new stockists to my website and blog.

I have no idea how many purses, clutch bags and cosmetic pouches I cut out yesterday but I now have 3 huge piles ready to be sewn together. Its gonna be a huge mountain to climb in 3 weeks but I am more than ready for the challenge!!!

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