Thursday, 12 September 2013

The little things...

Some people are great at it, some people hate it, some find it boring, I, love to do a bit of hand sewing. There is something about it that just calms me, when I want all the chaos of everyday life to stop I fill my work tray with some pieces of felt, some of my card templates, some pretty threads and my tools and park myself on the sofa.

I can spend hours sitting stitching, sometimes it can be a welcome break from machining. I love to create all of the things I do with my sewing machine but its nice to mix it up a little every now and then. 

Since I'm busy making orders and trying to make some stock for this years Christmas markets it was a perfect time to start making some of my monogram felt cushions again. So far I've made a K, A, R, H, E, M & S. I'm trying to make the more popular initials so if you have any suggestions please shout up and I can get making those next.

Right back to making orders :)


  1. they look great, I know what you mean about hand sewing, I've recently been making cute cat purses!
    'J' would be a good initial to make next!
    Jo x

    1. Hi Jo, I've seen your cat purses and they are adorable! :) I have a 'J' template so that one will be next. xx

  2. Yep I love a bit of hand stitching I do, it is very calming and rewarding and yours is beautiful :)
    Emma x

    1. Hi Emma, I hope you're well hunny? Thank you for your lovely comment on my hand sewing. You made me blush :) xx


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