Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Feeling down? Retail therapy gives me a boost!!!

Feeling a bit disheartened at the comments on blog = no one to chat/talk to, or give feedback :( and still no sales on Etsy = big fat zero and left me wondering 'What am I doing wrong?'.

Posted on my shop that my first 3 Etsy customers would receive free shipping and a special free gift and still no takers.
Maybe I'm being impatient? Maybe people don't know I'm there?

So to give myself a bit of a boost I went for a browse around Etsy and found these fab qtrs of fabric!!! Perfect for some girly makeup pouches and purses!! At least the joy of bag creating keeps the smile on my face :)

Isn't it fab!?!?
Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up.
I'm off to have a big clear out in my wardrobe, it needs de-cluttering. Which definitely constitutes a shopping spree afterwards!!! And I love how organised it all looks when its finished (not that it lasts long though, probably only 2 days! ha ha).

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  1. Oh, sorry you're feeling low. Here's a comment to cheer you up. (Us new bloggers have to stick together, huh?) Those fabrics look great, I love the little cupcakes! Will you turn them into bags too? Can't wait to see. Hang in there with the shop, your bags are gorgeous. Rachelx


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