Saturday, 28 June 2008

Game, Set and Match....

Even though it was 12:30am when we got back last night, Wimbledon was great!!!! We saw Roger Federer & Serena Williams win and a couple of other matches. We drank plenty of Pims but there was so much tennis we didn't have time to fit in the strawberries and cream :( never mind.
It was then off on the tube to Leicester Square for Pizza and beer a quick stroll round then back on the train. Phew.....what a packed day. Excellent :)

As soon as we got home I checked the mail box and to my glee there were three packages in there for me.

One package was the gorgeous zips just blogged. One was an item that I have bought for my first giveaway gift bags (which will be soon, watch this space).

And then last of all was a package that I knew straight away who it was from!!! I was nearly hopping up and down with excitement, there wasn't even time to take off my coat and shoes!!!

Straight upstairs to grab the camera so I could show you all:

As always fantastically packaged by you Sarah!


Look at what was inside!!!!!

Pride of place on the shelf in my living room!!!
A surprise gift from my friend Sarah at Paper and String.
If you all hadn't guessed I love cats! Thank you sooooo much Sarah I love my surprise package!! You really are a super duper bloggy friend. And thank you for your lovely note in the card :) Ah both kitties are soooooo cute. Many thanks xx


  1. AWW! what a lovely moggy! I always get over excited every time one of Sarah's blue packages come through the door! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a fab time at Wimbledon. I'm not normally a tennis fan but hubby has been off this week so we've been watching a few matches on tv and it's been surprisingly entertaining!
    Lovely goodies from Sarah, lucky you!

  3. Lucky you, those are the most adorable cats! I love cats too but sadly am allergic to "real" ones.

  4. Lovely felty cats .. we have just got a kitten today so i just had to leave a comment !!

    Sara x


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