Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ooooohhh how annoying......but then cheered up by a blog friend!!

OOOooohhh time to have a rant!! After waiting 10 whole days for my Vilene to arrive it comes with the post man. So I spent most of the day at work looking forward to finishing my top secret project and delivering it to its new owner.

Only to get home, rip open the parcel (as I was not in when the postie arrived) and to my horror found that the 10 meters of medium weight Vielene was actually 10 meters of soft weight Vielene. To some not a major me completely useless.

So I was straight on the phone to a very well know establishment (not an Internet purchase J*hn L*wis) only to be told I had ordered the wrong one!!! Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I politely pointed out that it was not me who had typed the order into their computer system, but one of their employees. Which I had stated on several occasions that I specifically needed MEDIUM weight, as I have been buying it there for approx 4 years and cannot use any lighter.

Anyway after a long conversation I'm returning it tomorrow and going to Hobbycraft to purchase some instead. I think fore said shop has now lost my custom. An easy mistake to be made but I had to tell my customer that they have to wait another 4 days....not very professional on my part!!


But it all changed when I checked to see if anyone had left me a comment on my blog (which I do about 5 times a day!) and found that Rachel had left me a lovely cheer me up comment and to add to that I read her blog and she has a picture of the most amazing cup cakes that she'd made!! My mouth was watering looking at them.....they are so colourful too!! You should definitely get over to her blog and check them out!!!! click here


  1. oh I HATE it when shopping goes wrong :-(
    but at least you now have a VERY good excuse to get to Hobbycraft quick smart ;-)
    PS don't be disheartened by no comments, get a counter on your blog instead...some days I get no comments but counter goes up by 50 or so :-) I figure people are reading but not saying! PLUS i am a serious lurker and can't see that ill change!

  2. Aw, thanks for the plug Emma! Have a great weekend.x


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