Saturday, 21 June 2008

***TOP SECRET*** TA DA!!!!

Its finally finished!!! This is the project I've been working on....and although it looks very similar to the lap top bag I made last month this is actually my very first 'MAN BAG'. I was commissioned by a very good friend whom I work with to make a 'MAN BAG' we discussed the fabric combination and this is what we came up with....the only thing I did hold back on was not putting any diamantes on as detail. For obvious girls like them sparkly things but not a favourite I think amongst men (I could be wrong there though, they could all be closet Rhinestone Cowboys ;) ha ha).

Simple panels with bright yellow stitching.......

Instead of the diamantes we went with subtle white panelling to add a bit of depth.....

And lastly internal pockets in the same floral fabric to break up the black fabric.

If there are any guys out there looking please leave me a comment, I would love to hear what you think of it. Many more different fabrics available (this was just the one my customer chose).

I'm so pleased that its finished and it turned out really well.
I'm currently working on some makeup pouches and purses which I will post pictures of soon and just finished a felt flower brooch that a friend asked me to make. Plenty of sewing planned for tomorrow :)


  1. Oh what a wonderful bag! I would definitely be attracted to a bloke carrying that man bag.

  2. That is a lovely bag! Looking forward to seeing your next project. x

  3. This is a fantastic "man bag" though I think any of us girls would be happy to carry it.

  4. Your project is beautiful!

  5. Wow! That's is really nice. It's a perfect "man bag".

  6. lol @ closet rhinestone cowboys!

    man bags rocks! I've been saying it for ages, my man won't have anything to do with it, he wont even use the aftershave cream i bought for him, I have assured him it will make his skin feel softer, less itchy, but he's not having any of it! lol...

    This bag is cool, it only takes a few men to start the trend....



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