Thursday, 14 August 2008

Are we nearly there yet?

OK this is one hurdle over come.....I am back online!! The new router turned up in the post today, after about 30 minutes of following instructions.....TA DA!!!

Worked perfectly, such a relief. It is so much smaller that the other router we had but I suppose that technological advances for you. So now I must press on with the website.

The plan is to grab some lunch after work tomorrow as I finish at 1pm on a Friday (that's the upside of working in the manufacturing industry) and get stuck in. Although I am now a week behind schedule I do plan to get things in motion on Saturday.

I am starting to think that maybe August was turning out to be an unlucky month as my friend Sarah is also having website issues. The Internet is a wonderful place but I cant help thinking that good old pen and paper was efficient without all the glitches. :)


  1. Boy, can I relate! But luckily my computer issues are currently quiet and peaceful... knock on wood.

  2. I am so far away from starting a website. Good for you for trecking on and making it happen! Can't wait to see

  3. hurrah for new routers!
    don't forget to have some fun inbetween work and website work!!


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