Sunday, 17 August 2008 is now LIVE!!!

Wooooopppppeeeeeee!!!!! I feel like running round my garden shouting, "MY WEBSITE IS FINISHED!!!!" but then my neighbours will think that I've finally lost it! ;)

Anyone out there who have had Internet/website issues (Sarah!!) will know exactly how I feel. Seriously I feel like I could float away on a could of completed website bliss.

Now this is my first attempt at website creating, although I have had the help of:

Hosting: mrsite

Photo tweaking and arranging: Chris (my lovely other half).

Advice & moral support: Sarah :)

So thank you to you all, especially Chris he's been such a support through this and he has had to put up with me acting like a crazy woman at times. But now I can say it was worth it be able to type in and see it all there is just awesome!!!

I hope you all enjoy browsing round celebrate the launch I will be having a fab give away with lots of prizes so don't forget to check back on Wednesday 20th August to take part.

I am now off to have a well deserved celebratory large glass of wine! Go on, get yourself over there to check it out



  1. congratulations! setting up a website is a huge ordeal for me, also :)

  2. Congratulations Emma on getting your site completed. It all looks fantastic!

  3. wow!! it's great :-) you sound proud...and you deserve to be.
    A great big well done!

  4. Wow you should be sew proud of yourself. That website looks awesome!! Congrats!

  5. good for you! glad you got it up and running. It looks awesome btw! and appears to be working fine.



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