Saturday, 2 August 2008

YEY, Weekends!!!!!!

I just love the weekends!! No work, so I treated myself to a good lie in bed with a cup of tea, then spent the day with nothing in particular planned just getting stuff done. Which was a nice change.
I was going to post this yesterday but seeing as I had another disaster of battery failure with my camera and to be honest the lighting wasn't that good on Thursday or Friday. But thanks to a good old thunder storm the skies were cleared and the sun was shining so I grabbed my camera to take these....

These are the cosmetic pouches and purses that I had started quite some time ago and only now have I managed to get them finished (you might remember me blogging about buying the fabric from Etsy?) I wont be listing these ones on Etsy though, I'm keeping them for the launch of my website....coming soon watch this space!!

I have used nice and colourful cotton inside each one to compliment the colourful zips.

And on the end of each zip is a cute little charm, on the oriental print pouches/purses a little flower.....

And on the cupcake pouches/purses a cute little heart.

Time for a group photo!!!

Keep your eyes on my blog in the next couple of weeks as I will be having another give away very soon, I have started collecting goodies already and this one will include one of my creations!!!

Last but certainly not least I just want to say hello to my Mam (Christine). She hasn't been very well lately and it has been a while since I visited home (I think my last proper visit was March?) I spoke to her on the phone today and she seemed really down. So Mam if you're reading this I will look at my diary tomorrow and arrange a weekend to come up and see you!! We'll go shopping or go somewhere nice for treat :)

Ok I'm off to get sorted for bed more glorious day to myself before returning back to work on Monday. Roll on my week off :)


  1. Those pouches look fab! I really like the extra touch of the charm on the zip tags, very cute! It's grey and raining here at the moment so they have brightened up my morning! :)

  2. i really love the little people pouches. very sweet. :-D

  3. Really cute pouches! Love the fabrics you got, you did a great job!

  4. wow those are great fabrics! Love them

  5. Awesome little bags! Very cute!

  6. What are you doing to me? I LOVE THEM ALL! Oy!

  7. awesome zip bags... I am now obsessed with that fabric!

  8. the cupcake fabric is soooo stinking cute!


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