Thursday, 28 August 2008

Off up North

Just a last minute post before I pack for the weekend. Off to stay at my Mam's, so no sewing for me this weekend. I have however been working on some kind of packaging for my brooches, all will be revealed next week.

Since I am off to join the Geordie Brigade for a few days I thought I'd give you all a taste off the 'toon'!!

The 'Swing' and 'Tyne' Bridge

Newcastle United Football Club.....of course!!!

The Millennium Bridge and the Quay Side

Newcastle Brown Ale 'A bottl' a broon' :)

Thanks again to all those who took part in my give away this month, prizes will be put into the post tomorrow, so keep an eye out for them!!


  1. Great brew ... love the brown ale!! I'll pick up a 6-pack when I see one in our locals stores. Very pricey because I'm in Texas, but it's worth it.

  2. have a great little holiday with your mam :-)

  3. Hve a good time at your mum's! =D

  4. Oh I haven't had a 'Nooky Brown' for years, I remember the headaches too well!! Have fun with mam! Great blog :0)


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