Saturday, 9 August 2008

Late Night Blog.......ZZZzzzzzzz

Ok...I've spent all day adjusting an uploading photo's to my website and the fact that my eyes are not yet square is amazing!! ;)
Still so much to do....think I underestimated how much time this was going to take. Although I have listed every bag and some of the brooches, I still have the clutch bags, pouches, purses and the other brooches. Phew!!
My eyes will be square by the time Sunday is out.
Hope everyone is having a fab weekend. I'm off to get some rest so I can start bright and early tomorrow.

Sweet dreams :)

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  1. Just wanted to say, I really love your clutches and other items. :-)

    I'd LOVE to see some of my characters on one ... what's the smallest size of fabric you would need to make one?


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