Tuesday, 19 August 2008

If only everyday were like today.....

Screen shot from my website.....

I was just going to pop in a blog a little note of what I've been doing today when I realised that this will be post number 52!

52 posts, I can hardly believe it. Some people say that I talk too much sometimes but at least on here its mostly craft related. I wonder if people think I talk less or more since I started blogging? I would say more, as I read more (other people's blogs etc) therefore there are more interesting things to talk about.......look there I go again!!!

Anyway getting back to the point of the post......I do wish everyday were like today. No work (boring day job, on holiday this week!) Yippee! So I spent the day, first checking my emails and replying, browsing through Etsy wondering whether or not to reduce the amount of items I have for sale in there now that the website is finished (http://www.bagladee.com/), and just generally having a bit browse.

We (me and Chris) decided that we would have a trip to IKEA to see if they had any bargains or anything that was useful to put into our extension we are building. We had a spot of lunch, then had a stroll round the shop......got some great ideas for building a bespoke cupboard to house all those cleaning products etc that you would rather not see. Chris is good with DIY well that's what you get from having a background in product design.

Then on the way back we popped into Brookefields, a local gardening centre and went for a look in the, what we call 'crap corner' that's all the plants they are selling off because they all look a bit sad and decrepid.....bless them. We ended up with a huge box full of plants for £10 (approx $20) and some fertilizer as my rose tree is looking a bit sad and forlorn and not bearing any flowers this year :(

So this afternoon was spent in the garden planting all my fab cheap plants.....and I have to say after a bit of water and a couple of hours settling in they are looking great. Even though it started raining every 10minutes! I will take a picture tomorrow if the weather is a bit nicer.

I am now finishing off tweaking the photos of the last few items to put into my web shop (oooohhhh I love how that sounds, my very own shop, on my very own website!!), well to be truthful its not the last as I have a load of new brooches to list but I'm going to have a break for a week. Off to make a cuppa and carry on photoshopping!

***Oh and don't forget to come back tomorrow for my give away, there are 3 prizes this time and include items from my range so be sure not to miss out!!!!***

P.S. I have just looked back to see how much I have wrote, see what I mean!!!! :)

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