Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Double whammy!!

The sad :( face is now a :) happy face.....I've fixed my laptop!!! YEY ME!!!! I love the Internet, full of useful tips and tricks. A USB stick and a download later, a few buttons held down and Et voila.....one fixed laptop. I'm so pleased I didn't have to send it away to be fixed.

Thanks for all the fab comments about the tags and in response I'd LOVE to do a tutorial for you guys!!! Let me get myself sorted this week and I'll get on it.

And I'm also very pleased to say no migraine today!!! :D


  1. Oooh well done you x

    Ah well maybe you can fix mine now....it somehow has forgotten (?) that it has a CD disc drive? can't use anything requiring a CD! I can't even install our new printer on it! What is that all about?!

  2. Well done!! we know who to turn to now when we have PC probs!!!
    Thank you so much for the Halloween giveaway purse, and brooch, they're fab!! You are soooo kind, and i'm soooooo pleased!! Will post on my next post!!
    ENJOY YOUR WEEK !! : )

    Sharon XX


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