Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Nights drawing in

Now that the dark nights are drawing in, its impossible for me to take any decent photos during the week. I have a pile of items waiting to be photographed, 3 bags to be listed, some gorgeous cards I bought, more of the paper bag swap I'm taking part in and a few more bits and bobs.

So here's some of what I was up to last weekend....some more flower brooches sewn together and waiting for brooch pins, labels and rhinestones.

And some more jazzy ones to replenish 'Stuffed Nonsense' which are now sewn together and waiting to be photographed.


  1. I love the brooches, Emma.

    Got a lovely comment about my baby bag the other day....from someone at the baby massage group (if you visit my can see the baby bag in the picture of me doing the baby massage!).

    Happy bonfire night xx

  2. ohhhh cant wait to for them to arrive in the post


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