Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Paperbag Swap

Yesterday I received my parcel from Denise, "hellloooooo" :) my swap partner for Rachel's Paperbag swap. I was sooooo excited to see what she had made out of the fabric I had sent....

Inside the parcel there was this absolutely gorgeous box/tray that is covered with the fabric, which I totally love, cant wait to put it on my table in the studio (it matches the colours of my felt bucket and pencil pot!!!) also there was this fantastic bunting which says "follow your heart". When I opened the package it smelt lovely, when I unwrapped the gifts I found a very sweet pouch which was filled with lavender. A big thank you to Rachel for organising a fab swap and an even bigger thank you to Denise for being a fandabbydozy swap partner :D it really is so rewarding making something totally off the cuff for such a talanted fellow crafter, I was worried if Denise would like what I sent.

We decided to go along with the idea from Rachel to make one practical and one pretty item. So after a lot of pondering I decided to make a cosmetic pouch for the practical item and came up with the crazy idea of making a huge mouse pin cushion/door stop/ stuffed thingy. Which I have to admit was very surprised how it turned out. I also included some gingerbread decorations, a noel mini sign for the tree and some christmas chocolates!! I couldn't resist adding a bit of the 'c' word in there.

Me being the dozy idiot I am at the moment.....forgot to photograph. Hopefully Denise will be so kind to take photo's of them and post on her blog so that you can all see.

Thought I would just leave you with the view of the other side of the studio....the contraption you can just see with the metal arms is the sprung loaded ladders to my lovely, getting fuller, studio.


  1. Just been over to Denise's and seen your lovely items - I LOVE the mousie!! And what fab goodies you got too - I naturally assumed that all the items would be sewn but how brilliant that Denise thought "outside the box" - (pun completely intended!). Thanks again sweetie for taking part!
    R xx


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