Saturday, 14 November 2009

Have you met Sweet Harvey?

These beautifully made Christmas cards arrived in my post box last week....aren't they gorgeous. I found Sweet Harvey Letter Press through one of the forums in Etsy and I have to say the second I browsed the shop, I fell in love with everything. I managed to restrain myself from putting everything in my shopping cart and bought 3 of these snowflake cards.

I have to say I was more than impressed when I opened the parcel, the craftsmanship is amazing the snowflakes are printed/embossed onto the most yummiest card and I love the matching envelopes. You really cant buy quality like this in card shops.

I wanted some really lovely cards for my loved ones this year and so pleased I found Sweet Harvey Letter Press. As a favour to Brandi who is the very sweet lady behind it all, she sent me 3 cards to give a little review back to her on price and quality. Again outstanding quality and priced just right. Chris loves the robot card (guess who'll be getting that card for his birthday!!) And the card on the end, excuse my very bad photo, has 'thanks' embossed on it.....the crisp cleanness of the white card with the embossing makes for a very elegant note to send.

Check out Sweet Harvey Letter Press if you already haven't, Brandi's photo's are so much better than mine and really do her work justice. I have my eye on some gorgeous little gift tags!!

P.S. She has an awesome blog too!!


  1. ohh wow#! they look great! im excited ti get some more of your brooches! and im looking forward to setting up your stuff on the featured seller of the month display!

  2. they look great, I love letterpress things. How is your head?
    : )

  3. Awww - thank you so much for the feature and kind comments - you are the sweetest thing!


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